It's not only about what you do…

You revamped your clocks, you wiped Selector, all your rotations are perfect, you fired all unnecessary DJs, you have now a pure hit station. But, hey… listeners are still not here.

Face it : for listeners to SAMPLE YOU, it doesn’t depend on you, but on what your competition will do wrong. The only chance that a potential listener will try your product is if your competitition makes a mistake.

Now, guru PDs will tell you that you can push your competition to make that mistake. You can make them react to your own music programming changes in a way that makes them lose their focus. You can tactically force them to move in a way or another that will help you seducing their listeners.

And you can, of course, target your music to those listeners, just in case… :-)

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  1. […] Some of you maybe remember that article I posted on this blog back in July, titled “It’s not about what you do“. […]


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