Visitors in a shop converted in buyers, viewers of a website converted in ad-clickers, movie trailer watchers converted in movie-goers, every business is about conversion. Radio is no stranger to this principle.

We all know that each second of broadcasting must be optimized, each sweep must reflect our core offer, each radio moment being a conversion opportunity, from zapper to P1. Although these basics tend to be often forgotten, they remain obviously necessary. But the digital world is bringing us a lot of new conversion opportunities.

Reaching targeted potential listeners used to be a painful and costly process.
Remember the times when you would have to buy a database, send letters, postcards, or even invite people to events, in the blurry hope to convert them?

These times are gone, and each radio – this means your competition too – can benefit from incredible targeted marketing opportunities… for free ! More than that, the process has been almost reversed : your potential users are right now searching for you.

In a Google world, you don’t search for prospects, they search for you.

Of course it goes back to the concept of tribes. People tend to search for groups to aggregate with, for products to use that bring them a bit of a group identity. Never the notion of clustering has been so hot. Everything in people’s choices is about clusters, families, groups, tribes.

And you can be the tribe leader.

Radio is just like any other media : it’s universal. It can speak about any topic, refer to any fact, promote any event. Radio’s only limits are the ones YOU define by targeting your offer.

So, in our World 2.0, it’s time for you to let potential listeners find you much more efficiently. It’s time for you to claim your tribe leading position. It’s time for your radio to be more than a sound broadcaster.

The web is the key, and the way you provide to your target on the web what it may search for will define your marketing strength.

Let’s go through the check-list together :

1. Do you know what’s hot on Twitter right now ?

2. How many new fans did you get today on your Facebook page ?

3. How many times was your brand – your call letters, your slogan, etc. – retwitted today ?

4. What did you publish to make it to the first page of Google News in your language ?

5. Are you a breaking news topic ?

6. Does your brand appear on the same pages where your potential listeners favorite topics and favorite stars appear on ?

That list can be continued…

It all goes back to the same question over and over again : what do you do to be found by your potential listeners ?

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