Hostile Facebook profile take-over !

Following those simple guidelines I gave to radio stations weeks ago, I strongly advise you to read this article by Tom Moradpour about this potentially amazing usage of your friends and fans profile pics. This is GREAT STUFF for radio ...

3D music research analysis

HTML5, the new standard for the web, offers some amazing dynamic graphical construction possibilities. Among those, live data 3D visualization and manipulation. Watch this, move and rotate the graph with your mouse, and try to imagine analyzing your AMT ...

DropBox case study

Excellent answer from Isaac Hall about why Dropbox was more successful than “competing” products. This answer on Quora contains more lessons than a lot of business books !

Youtube vs Radio : laziness is the key

Everybody in the industry agrees : the fight for Radio's survival is on the content field. While this concern about content targeting can never be wrong, that is still NOT what will make Radio keep its share in everybody's life. The key is in laziness.

10 Facebook killer tips for Radio stations

Facebook may be only 6 years old, still it gathers half a billion people around the world. In France, 20 millions people use Zuckerberg's network. That's 1/3 of the living population. Are you sure your station is doing it the right way ?