7 tips for a better morning-show !

1. Do not pretend to be someone you are not

Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General AudienceWhoever you are, you can’t hide for long.
And…why would you?

Are you a conservative mother of four ?
Be a conservative mother of four on the show!
Are you a gay trendsetter ?
Be a gay trendsetter on the show!
Do not lie! What the show needs is the real you!
Some listeners will love you, some won’t. But all of them will get a precise image of who you are and what you bring to the show.
You were chosen and hired because of who you are, weren’t you ? So, be yourself!

2. Tease, tease more, and tease again

Use these 3 ways to tease each element of your show :

  • “In the next 30, 20, 10, 5 minutes”
  • “Tomorrow at 7:20″
  • “Everyday at 7:20″

An efficient teasing is the best way to teach your listeners about what they can get, E-VE-RY DAY ! Don’t tease too early : TSL is short in the morning. And remember… if your morning show lasts 4 hours… you actually have 4 shows! People don’t stay in front of their radio set listening to you. You get different people every 20 minutes. Every hour starts a new show.

3. Respect your clock… by the second!

A morning show is not only fun… it’s also very useful in your listeners life.
They sync their morning schedule to it. This is how they know if they are late, early, or on time.

“I know that if I’m still shaving while I hear the weather report, it means I’m late.”

So, don’t forget that radio is a service… particularly in the morning. Respect your listeners and be consistent on your clock.

4. Make everything shorter. And shorter. And shorter.

The shorter each element, the more elements you can play. Don’t let any song intro bother you. Use them as ramps.

The efficiency of each of your feature will be inversely proportional to its length.

And never forget that your morning listeners are usually in a hurry! So, the shorter each element (and the quicker to the point), the happier you make them!

5. Use the proper media for each type of content

So you made everything short… but you still feel the need to give “more details” about that theatre play you just spoke about, about that book you criticized.
No problem : use the web! Tell them “I’ll give you the details on our Facebook page” or “The full recipe on our website page” or “Addresses where to buy that amazing thing… already on our website!“.

6. The richer the sound, the better the show.

So you didn’t get budget for that actress who could play “the radio cleaning lady” ? No worry : put a mike in front of the REAL cleaning lady! Your job will be to make this fun. And that goes for every character on your show. During the day, record people around you. Use everybody around you.

7. Don’t kill the show when morning is over.

Social Media Logotype Background
So it’s 10am and you think your day is over? Right… Didn’t you forget about social networks?

Your morning-show is now alive 7/7, 24/24, thanks to Facebook (or В Контакте !). And your show – hosts, brand – can interact with your audience all day long.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to publish your best features of the day, or even backstage videos from the show. It’s a perfect moment to feel what the audience vibrates to, thus knowing what should trend and buzz tomorrow morning.

You don’t agree?
You wanna talk about it?
You have better ideas or bigger problems?
Find me on Facebook or send me an email.
Let’s talk about it!

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