10 Facebook killer tips for Radio stations

1. Get your vanity url.

Don’t laugh. I know, it seems obvious… Right.
But then why is the url to Nostalgie…Belgium ?
And how is it that is Mr Malik Monaco’s profile or the Facebook home of Jonathan Yuan ?

A Facebook vanity URL is as much a must as your own .com branded URL was a must when you bought it back in 1995. If yours is gone… BUY IT BACK !

2. Open a Page, not a profile.

Again, this seems obvious. Profiles still have a limit of 5k “friends”, while the number of people “liking” pages is unlimited. So… if you are still holding on to that fake profile, it’s time to move on. More than that… Pages get free stats & demographic data !

3. Create Groups for your major shows.

If Pages bring your content in front of your listeners eyes… Groups allow you to send them private emails. While they don’t want to be invaded with tons of marketing emails from your station, yes they do want to keep in touch with their favorite DJ, show, etc. Groups are perfect for that. And… a group can be deleted in case a show is cancelled, without hurting your main page. So, go and create your first group.

4. Get your talents/DJs/hosts to connect with your target demo.

As we saw, your station shouldn’t have a profile. But your talents, DJs and hosts definitely should! Make them involve in common interests with the target audience. If your station is local, let them register – and interact – with every local-oriented group. If your network is nationwide, go for major groups of interest for your demo. This attitude should not stink ‘pure marketing’, it should be a subtle way to prove your brand’s involvement in your target’s issues and favorite topics.

5. Customize your Page

Yes, Facebook allows you to do much more than just fill those dull “details” on your Page. (Still… fill them up!). Look at what those brands did : Porsche, Victoria’s Secret, Sony, RedBull (only one purpose on this RedBull page : the “LIKE” button) iTunes (Charts on 1st page… isn’t this Radio territory?),  Coca-Cola (video on 1st page… why aren’t YOU doing that ?), or even Starbucks, with their contest & promos on the frontpage.

Now… why isn’t your station doing this ? Money ? Let me make it clear once and for all : this costs nothing. For less than $500, you can get a developer to code this kind of welcome page. And there exist out there some tools to achieve this kind of customization.

6. Say THANK YOU to those who “LIKE” you.

Those guys who clicked on your station’s like-button did something for you: they publicly claimed their love for your brand. Now what ? Now, you must thank them, and do it permanently. Give them special deals, concert tickets, let them meet your stars, let them visit you in the station, invite them to meet-and-greet with pop stars (and make sure they publish the pics in their own profile…). Whatever you do, make them feel SPECIAL. Your on-air promos must be filled with “only for our Facebook friends” offers. You gave them a reason to click. Give them reasons to stay.

7. Don’t ask anything from them.

Wait a minute. In the last years, I have seen a lot of stations doing it this way: “Not only did you click on our station’s like-button, but then we are going to ask you to… [insert boring action here] and THEN you may win [insert dull gift here].” This is plain WRONG. Remember the “change your profile pic with our logo” classic promo? Yeah. Right. This was cool in 2008! Move on. Anyway, if your brand was soooo cool, they would have changed their profile pic by themselves. Look at how many millions of Facebook users have a picture of Michael Jackson as avatar instead of their own face.

So, again : they clicked on “like”… you must now DO THINGS FOR THEM, and not the other way around.

8. Keep the conversation going… and free.

Free as in “free speech”. If you come to this new Agora that is Facebook, don’t expect to behave like Caesar. Information descending God-likely from the Heavens of Marketing to the obedient People is a thing from the past… very very old past. The golden rule being : When in Facebook, don’t do like Nestlé did. Let your listeners tell you what they think, even if you won’t like it, even loudly. Remember, at the end, it’s for your own good.

Engage with them. Respond. And NEVER react in a negative way to their comments. Even say “thanks for telling us”. After all, a negative critic from a listener is the (free) beginning of a perception market study ;-)

9. Don’t think Facebook is only for teens / CHR format.

Yes, in my own country (France), 88% of the 15-24 citizens are Facebook members! That IS huge. Right. But did you know that in 2009, the fastest growing age-group was… 55+ women? And do you know that in 2010, the 35+ is growing non-stop ?

10. Put the Facebook Like Box on your site, before the fold.

I will make it quick and dirty here : winners have it big, white, in the face, before the fold. Losers have it hidden in the clutter of the site, or even nowhere to be found. The Facebook Like Box is an AMAZING marketing tool (do you remember that it shows to each visitors the FACES of his OWN FRIENDS who ALREADY LIKE your station ?!). So… USE IT! Not using it, or using it in a wrong way… is just a mistake and cannot be a strategy. Unless you call stupidity “strategy”.

And.. one more thing.

Because you read until here, here’s one bonus tip :

11. Facebook is the #1 mobile application in the world.

(150 million mobile users).

Social + Mobile + Radio…. amazing cocktail, isn’t it ?

Now, what are you gonna do about it ?

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One Comment

  1. Twisk

    October 11, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    What I'll remember from this is that, when you wrote your "stupid question of the week", you were in fact spot-on. Madonna, Coca Cola, Justin Timberlake and Victoria's Secret are the same. They each have rabid fans, don't they?

    Hey, how about a radio playing only ads? it could also have a Facebook page, with links to the pages of every brand on its playlist. And friends galore, all over the world… I don't know if I'm joking, there. Maybe not.


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