3 tips for creating great radio content

Following my presentation at the RadioDays Europe 2014 in Dublin, here are the 3 tips I spoke about.

1. Give them content they are proud to share.

woemncoffee-620x360Why do we produce content ? For our listeners to pass it along, to become evangelists of our brand. If we write a joke for the morning show… will the kids repeat it to their friends in the schoolbus ? If we speak about a surprising fact during the news… will our listeners share it around the coffee machine in the office ? And will they credit us ? There are two reasons why people share content : A) They consider it worth sharing B) It serves the image they want their friends to have about them. We all share smart stuff on Facebook, or during our discussions at the office, or during dinners, because we want to look and sound smart. So, every time you prepare some content, ask yourself : will my listeners feel the urge to share this later on ?

2. Predict buzz

velocity-graphLook at what Mashable is doing with its velocity graph and velocity alert on their app. They detect what’s going to trend, before it does ! How do they do that ? They analyze SPEED of share. Remember : buzz is not about “how much” (“How much” can be the result of a long tail – think about The Bible), but buzz is about “HOW FAST” ! If you can predict buzz, then your content (and your show prep) will be extremely powerful. Get your developers to write a script that analyzes the speed of share of contents in your market. And… you can also do it for free. If you have a great Facebook pyramid, where the base is made of each talent page, the middle level of each show page, and the top level is your brand/station page, then when you detect something that starts to buzz on a talent page, share it to the upper level, etc. You can this way build yourself a free buzz detector !

3. Hack their brains

tumblr_mg6mrft7nI1qzpxx1o1_1280How do we hack our listeners brains ? With chemicals ! Actually, we only need to trigger the right hormones, and we’ll win !

There’s a study that shows that, in certain test conditions, the amount of money we’ll give to a charity exactly correlates with the amount of Oxytocin in our brain ! If our programs can trigger Oxytocin and Dopamine, then our brands will be associated with pleasure and empathy. Isn’t this exactly what we want ?

More info there :
The psychology of storytelling.


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